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Oak Glen Apple Growers Association  
   Open Year 'Round - Mile High Fun For Everyone!
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 Wholesome family fun in every season. 
The Oak Glen Loop Growers ..
...may have changed somewhat over the last 100 years, but the country hospitality of its members remains just as warm and friendly as a century ago. 

The association helps local farmers with agricultural tourism. The promise of an old fashion farm experience brings thousands of visitors each year to the  San Bernardino mountains  
If you're from the city...
...and have never had an opportunity to pick your own fruit or are simply out enjoying a ride on a beautiful day, take a drive out to Oak Glen Rd Loop. The loop, is full of small farms and merchants for the adventurous visitor to discover. Part of what makes Oak Glen  unique in the entire country is the large concentration of farms (over 10 within such a relatively small area (approx. 10 square miles.)
It's fun because...
... the experience and crops you'll find vary by season. For example, arrive in early August and pick strawberries & Raspberries. While eating the juicy and still warm fruit, take a moment to examine the beauty of the Mountains beside the road.
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Restaurants & Bakeries
10. Apple Annie's Restaurant & Bakery  
5 . Laws Oak Glen Coffee Sho
8. Andy Mini Donuts & Dog House
 11.  Village Candy Kitchen
14 . El Mexicano II
19. Riley's at Los Rios BBQ & Bakery
25. Riley's Farm Hawks Head Ttavern 

Unique Shops 

2.  Parrish Pioneer Ranch
4.  Five Seasons Gifts
7.    Oak Tree Village 
8. Mountain Town Museum     
7.  Oak Tree Village  General Store   
9. Curio Shop & Gallery
12.  Turquoise Pueblo
13. Leatherworks
17. Snow-Line Cider Mill**
18. Serendipity Ranch Gift Shop
19. Los Rios Rancho
22. Willowbrook Gift Shop
26. Riley's Apple Farm
24.  Riley's Stone Soup Farm
25.  Rileys Country Store

Oak Glen Apple Growers Association  Member Links
Family Entertainment 
& Educational Tours
2. Parrish Pioneer Ranch
7. Oak Tree Village - Animal Park 
19.  Los Rios Rancho
22. Willowbrook Apple Farm
23. Riley's Apple Farm  
24.  Riley's Stone Soup Farm
25.   Rileys Colonial Farm  
Address is Approx.  Oak Glen
 is 5mi Loop of Businesses