As Oak Glen Grows and becomes a larger economy, Apple Growers and business owner alike must come together to help promote and guide the future of Oak Glen.  With your input and membership you can be a part of the future fabric of Oak Glen and help to promote the region as a whole.


Why Join

The most commonly asked question in business.  What return will I see from this membership.  It is quite simple.  By Joining OGAGA you are joining a collaborative business forum and marketing association.  First and foremost it gives you the opportunity to engage with other businesses local that you can talk shop with and find common solutions to problems that you face or your neighbors face.  Second we help to direct generalized interest in Oak Glen to each business by their offerings.

Not from Oak Glen

Even if you are not a business or resident of Oak Glen you can still be a part of our community.  Become part of our story and donate for an annual Friend of the Glen membership and we will keep you informed about current events, news, history, and new endeavors.  Help Oak Glen to bring a peaceful rural experience to as many people as possible.

Become a "Friend Of The Glen"


Principle Members-- $330

FOr Apple Related BUSINESSES located in oak glen

  • 1 vote per membership

  • 1 membership per business

  • Oak Glen brochure listing

  • Oak Glen website listing

  • Oak Glen facebook listing

  • Inclusion in other promotions and marketing ccampaigns

  • Eligible to nominate board members and officers

  • Eligible to serve as board member or officer

  • OGAGA Membership sign for your Business

Associate Membership-- $150

for non apple businesses in oak glen

  • Attendance at meetings

  • Brochure Associate Listing

  • Website Associate Listing

  • Eligible to Hold Secratay or Treasurer Officer possitions

Resident Membership-- $50

for oak glen residents

  • Attendance at meetings

  • Local News at meetings and the ability to help businesses come up with creative solutions that help meet the needs of both businesses and residents.

  • Eligible to hold Secratay or Treasurer officer possitions